LABMP 590: Technology and the Future of Medicine

CCIS 1-160, T R 2:00 - 3:20 pm

Lecture Schedule

                             Winter 2013 Schedule for LABMP 590 “Technology and the Future of Medicine” CCIS L1-160, Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00 - 3:20 pm.

Note: Schedule subject to change



January      8       Introduction/The Future of Medicine

                              Kim Solez

                     10     The Technological Singularity Explained and Promoted

                           Kim Solez

                     15     Promise and Perils of AI                                

                           Osmar Zaiane (KS)

                     17     Promise and Perils of AI                                

                             Osmar Zaiane (KS)

                     22     Promise and Perils of AI                                

                           Osmar Zaiane (KS)

                     24     Evil As A Treatable Disease             

                              Earl Waugh (KS)

                           (Discusses Simon Baron-Cohen, Zero Degrees of Empathy)

                     29     Promise and Perils of Nanotech                 

                           Michael Woodside (KS)

                     31     Promise and Perils of Nanotech                 

                           Michael Woodside  (KS)

February     05    Promise and Perils of AI                                

                           Osmar Zaiane (KS)

                     07     Whales, Robots and You: How Technology May Change What You Think Of As A Person.

                              Heather Graves (KS)

                     12     Medical Ethics in a World of Robots

                           (What will we allow when everything is possible)

                           Earl Waugh (KS)

                     14     General AI, The Singularity Inside & Out

      Marcus Hutter (from Australia via skype) (KS)

     (Reading week Feb. 18-22)

                     26     Quantum Biology        

                              Jack Tuszynski (KS)

                     28     Genome Engineering and Transhumanism

                              Mark Pallen (from UK via Skype) (KS)

(March 1st Evening – Future Day – student presentations and social event)

  March        05     Will Humanity's Successors Be Our Descendants?

     David Pearce (from UK via skype) (KS)

                     07     Futurehype

                              Geoffrey Rockwell (KS)

                     12    Is Technology Making Us Fat?

                              Arya Sharma (KS)

                   14       The Singularity and The Have Nots 

                           (The example of Nepal)

                           Bibiana Cujec (KS)

                     19     Entrepreneurship in Medicine/Innovation

                           Shawna Pandya (KS)

                     21     Privacy of Medical Information in the Future

                              Neelam Sandhu (KS)

                     26     Entrepreneurship Workshop                       

                           Shawna Pandya (KS)

                     28     Using Software for Cognitive Enhancement

      Peter Rothman (from US via skype) (KS)

           April 02     AI and Games                                       

                             Jonathan Schaeffer (KS)

                     04     Student Presentations                        

                     09     Technology and the Body    

                           Jonathan White (KS)

                     11     Promise and Perils of Biotech 

                           Robert Rennie (KS) 

                           (Anthrax infection used as focus for discussion)


(April 11th student presentation evening and guest lecture)


Lecture hours:


Kim Solez 26

Osmar Zaiane 4

Earle Waugh 2

Michael Woodside 2

Shawna Pandya 2

Geoffrey Rockwell 1

Jonathan Schaeffer 1

Heather Graves 1

Robert Rennie 1

Jack Tuszynski 1

Neelam Sandhu 1

Abdullah Saleh 1

Jonathan White 1

Marcus Hutter 1 (from Australia via Skype)

James Hughes 1 (from US via Skype)

David Pearce 1 (from UK via Skype)

Mark Pallen 1 (from UK via Skype)

Bibiana Cujec 1











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