Eighth Banff Conference on
Allograft Pathology

July 15 - 21, 2005
The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald
Edmonton, AB Canada


The Conference:

Hard to know what the gestation period of genuinely new ways of thinking might be, but 14 years after the original Banff Conference on Allograft Pathology in 1991 evolution/revolution/thinking-at-a-new-level is evident. So in 2005 we consider the possibility of a "transcriptisome Banff scoring" augmenting and perhaps eventually replacing the traditional "histopathology Banff scoring".  New Lymphocyte depleting anti-rejection agents are changing the histopathology landscape and altering our concepts of the rules for rejection diagnosis.

The whole standard-setting process is not without its own psychology.  We boldly set forth clinical practice guidelines in 1999 and yet have shrunk back a bit from those lofty goals of six years ago, so time to revisit and renew our resolve.

And still lots of excitement surrounding continued developments in the areas of antibody-mediated rejection, C4d, and new markers of immunologic chronic rejection. So join us in what promises to be the best Banff meeting yet, situated in the wonderful city of Edmonton, in the province of Alberta which is celebrating its 100 year coincident with our conference.

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