Eighth Banff Conference on
Allograft Pathology

July 15 - 21, 2005
The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald
Edmonton, AB Canada



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Opening Remarks by Kim Solez – 8th Banff Conference on Allograft Pathology, July 15, 2005

Closing Remarks by Kim Solez - 8th Banff Conference on Allograft Pathology, July 19, 2005

Powerpoint Presentations:

Welcome, Opening Remarks - Kim Solez* and Lorraine Racusen*

Keynote Address:  Future directions in organ replacement. - Jeffrey Platt*

Experience with affymetrix DNA microarrays in kidney transplantation. - Gunilla Einecke*

Experience with affymetrix DNA microarrays in kidney and liver transplantation:  Profiling and transplant biology.  - Dan Salomon*

Differential gene expression profiles of CAN. – Enver Akalin*

Gene expression testing in cardiac and lung transplantation. - Jay Wohlgemuth*

Metabolomics:  The basics. - David Wishart*

Experience with antibody-mediated rejection. - Bob Montgomery* - Millie Samaniego*

Lessons from pathology. - Lorraine Racusen*

A clinician's view of vascular rejection. - Denis Glotz* and Dominique Nochy*

Novel non-HLA antibodies and rejection. - Duska Dragun*

Chronic antibody mediated rejection-fact or fancy? - Bob Colvin*

Renal Transplantation into Highly Sensitized, High Risk Recipients: A Single Center Experience. - Randy Hennigar*

C4d staining and morphology in protocol biopsies.Michael Mengel*

C4d staining and related histologic findings in HLA- and ABO-incompatible kidney allografts. - Mark Haas*

Complement in heart allograft biopsies. – E. Rene Rodriguez*

Complement in acute liver allograft rejection.Anja Dankof*

Antibody-mediated rejection: Complement and non-complement dependent mechanisms. - Barbara Wasowska*

The B cell in ischemia-reperfusion injury/innate immunity.Hamid Rabb*

C4d in allografts – good or bad? - Jeffrey Platt*

Peripheral B cell tolerance to transplantation antigensAnita Chong*

Histologic hallmarks of sclerosing rejection:  Strategies to establish diagnoses other than CAN.  – Volker Nickeleit*

Grading system for calcineurin inhibitor toxicity in kidney allografts. Neeraja Kambham*

Proteinuria with sirolimus therapy. - Christophe Legendre*

Surrogate markers of CAN in man. Roslyn Mannon*

Atrophy - fibrosis and function of the renal allograft. Brian Nankivell*

Utility of morphometry in the study of donor and protocol biopsies.Daniel Serón*

CAN grades in sequential protocol biopsies.Patricia Birk* & Ian Gibson*

Cancer in the Donor. - Sandy Feng*

Transplantation in HIV recipients. - Ron Shapiro*

Emerging trends of infections in organ transplantation. - Atul Humar*

Indirect Effects of Viral Infections in Transplantation. - Jay Fishman*

Will Histologic Parameters Identify AMR? - Elizabeth Hammond*

Six years since the Banff Clinical Practice Guidelines:  Practical reality comes crashing down on the pure thinking of Banff 1999. - Larry Hunsicker*

Landing on the moon: New pathologic landscapes with lymphocyte depleting anti-rejection protocols.  - Kim Solez*

C4d Guidelines Including Method Standardization.  - Bob Colvin and Bernie Collins*

Peritubular capillary cell accumulation scoring.  - Ian Gibson*

Current status of pancreas transplantation - A. Osama Gaber*

Background on pancreas histological findings; University of Maryland experience - John C. Papadimitriou*

Subclinical rejection in pancreas allografts; University of Tennessee experience - Lillian Gaber*

Schema for rejection diagnosis in pancreas allografts, a preliminary proposal based on consensus discussions - Cinthia Drachenberg*

Effects of donor bone marrow transplantation upon lung transplantation outcome. - Si Pham*

Centrilobular hepatitis - possible pathogenic mechanisms.  - Andrew Clouston*

Auto-antibodies after liver transplantation:  Correlation with histopathologic findings.  Aurelio Sonzongi*

Progressive histological damage in liver allografts following paediatric liver transplantation.  -  Stefan Hubscher*



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Submitted Abstracts:

  1. Arterial endothelium complement deposition and glomerulitis are early events in hyperacute rejection preceding C4d in peritubular capillaries - A case report. - S. Sund1, A.V. Reisæter2, H.Scott3, G. Berentsen4, T.E. Mollnes5, F.P. Reinholt3, T. Hovig3
  2. BK-virus nephropathy and simultaneous C4d positive staining in renal allografts.Honsova E, Lodererova A, Viklicky O, Boucek P.
  3. Bronchiolitis obliterans organising pneumonia (BOOP) as a histological manifestation of clinically defined primary graft dysfunction (PGD). - C M Burton, MD1, N Milman, MD2, J Carlsen, MD PhD2, M Iversen, MD PhD2, C B Andersen, MD PhD1
  4. C4d immunohistochemistry in liver allografts. - Christopher O.C Bellamy, Michael Herriot, Andrew J. Bathgate*, David J. Harrison
  5. C4d positive pancreas allograft rejection with rapid progression to chronic rejection. - Billie Fyfe-Kirschner MD, James Lim MD, Basim Mohammed MD, Richard Mann MD, Krystine Swannick MD, and David Laskow MD
  6. C4D Staining Methods in Renal Allograft Biopsies - M.L. Troxell,* J.H. Higgins, and N. Kambham

  7. Could peritubular capillaritis and capillary basement membrane thickening be the diagnostic indicator of chronic rejection? - Kumi Aita,1) Yutaka Yamaguchi,2) Shigeru Horita,3) Mayuko Ohno,3) Kazunari Tanabe,5) Shouhei Fuchinoue,4) Satoshi Teraoka,4) and Hiroshi Toma5)

  8. Diffuse C4d deposition after 3 months post-transplantation is associated with poorer outcome of renal allografts.- E. Lerut1, Y. Vanrenterghem2, B. Van Damme1

  9. Experience with Transplantation Telepathology on Allograft Biopsy - Hui Guo1, Zhiyong Zheng2

  10. Expression of chemokine receptors in rejecting cynomolgus macaque renal allografts treated with low molecular weight CCR5 inhibitor NIBR-1282 - Grazyna Wieczorek, Antje Marcantonio, Sabine Riesen, Klaus Menninger, Marc Bigaud, Gebhard Thoma and Hans-Guenter Zerwes

  11. Expression of p27 protein in Hepatocellular carcinoma in cases of Liver Transplantation and Surgical Resection. - El-Monayeri M.S., Bayoumi N., El-Meteini M., Fayez A., Mostafa I., Kousha H., Abdelaal A., Fathy M., Saafan H., Ghazy M. & Radwan N

  12. Glomerular C3c deposition and intravascular macrophage accumulation in early humoral renal allograft rejection implies a poor short term outcome. - Johan Mölne1, Gudrun Nyberg2, Ingemar Blohmé3, Lennart Rydberg4, Michael E Breimer3 and Christian T Svalander1

  13. Histological changes correlated to HLA immunisation in a unicentric renal transplant population. - E. Lerut1, B. Van Damme1, Y. Vanrenterghem2, M.P. Emonds3

  14. Histopathologica analysis of renal biopsy specimens in fifty-five renal allografts functioning more than 10 years after transplantation. - Junki Koike1), Yutaka Yamaguchi2), Shigeru Horita3), Kazunari Tanabe3), Shohei Fuchinoue3), and Hiroshi Toma3).

  15. Impact of early clinical and histological parameters on C4d deposition in protocol biopsies 3 months after renal transplantation. - M. Naesens1, E. Lerut2, B. Van Damme2, Y. Vanrenterghem1, D. Kuypers1

  16. Impact of HLA-B and HLA-DR matching on subclinical rejection 3 months after renal transplantation. - M. Naesens1, E. Lerut2, B. Van Damme2, Y. Vanrenterghem1, D. Kuypers1

  17. Investigation of precise light microscopic features for the diagnosis of chronic immunologic renal allograft rejection - Banu Sis1, Charlene Hunter1, Patricia Campbell2, Sandra Cockfield2, Kim Solez1

  18. Late plasma cell rich rejection:  Is it a distinct clinicopathologic form of renal allograft rejection? - D. Sedmak, T. Nadasdy, G. Nadasdy, R. Pelletier, and T. Pesavento

  19. Microvascular density in cardiac allograft biopsies with and without chronic allograft vasculopathy.Billie Fyfe-Kirschner MD and Bo Jian MD

  20. Monitoring changes in gene expression in rat renal isografts treated with increasing doses of either tacrolimus or sirolimus. - W.D. Park1; M.A. Covarrubias1; D. Ninova1; M.D. Stegall1.

  21. Obliterative Arterial Lesions in Renal Allograft Recipients Experiencing Acute Rejection. - R.K. Gupta

  22. One hour referfusion can induce vascular endothelial cell injury after ABO incompatible renal transplantation. - Asami Takeda, Keiji Horike, Tadashi Oikawa, Norihiko Goto, Akio Katayama, Toshihito Haba, Kazuharu Uchida, Kunio Morozumi

  23. Phenotyping of subclinical infiltrates in protocol biopsies from renal allografts. - M. Mengel*1, R. Bajeski1, I. Franz2, A. Schwarz2, H. Haller,2 H. Kreipe1, W. Gwinner2

  24. Recurrence of haemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) following live related renal transplantation in a patient with postpartum HUS. - D. Taheri, M. Fesharakizadeh, S. Seyrafian and K. Solez

  25. Reproducibility studies on the arteriolar hyalinosis scoring in calcineurin inhibitor-treated renal allograft recipients: Comparison of two scoring systems. - Banu Sis1, Farahnaz Dadras1, Farhad Khoshjou1, Sandra Cockfield2, Kim Solez1

  26. Routine immunostaining for BK virus in renal allograft biopsies. - M. J. Finlay1 A. J. Landgren1 and S. Cohney2

  27. Safety and specimen adequecy of ambulant renal transplant biopsies. - Anke Schwarz1, Wilfried Gwinner1, Markus Hiss1, Joerg Radermacher1, Michael Mengel2, Hermann Haller1

  28. Tacrolimus exposure and subclinical rejection 3 months after renal transplantation. - M. Naesens1, E. Lerut2, B. Van Damme2, Y. Vanrenterghem1, D. Kuypers1

  29. The immunophenotype and cytokine immunoexpression of acute allograft glomerulopathy is similar to that of the arterial intimitis in acute arterial rejection. - Angelo Sementilli, MD and Marcello Franco, MD

  30. The incidence and management of acute and chronic rejection after living donor liver transplantation.F Yilmaz*, U Aydin**, D Nart*, M Zeytunlu**, Z Karasu§, T Kaya**, I Ozer**, G Yuce*, S Aydoğdu§§, M Kilic**

  31. The Possibility Clinical Significance of Survivin Expression in T cells in Allograft - Bicheng Chen, Hui Guo, Sheng Chang, Li Tang, Zhonghua Klaus Chen

  32. The utility of deceased donor implantation biopsy in determining renal function and graft survival following kidney transplantation - Sandra M. Cockfield MD and Sita Gourishankar MD, MSc(Epid)

  33. Three-year follow-up of renal transplant patients with or without chronic allograft nephropathy (CAN) as seen in Protocol biopsies at six months. -Anke Schwarz1, Michael Mengel2, Joerg Radermacher1, Wilfried Gwinner1, Markus Hiss1, Hermann Haller1

  34. Transcriptomic profiling for differential diagnosis of renal allograft biopsies. - F. Raulf1, U. Dengler2, H. Zhang2, P. Saint-Mézard2, J. Rahuel2, J. Kehren2,3, M. Reinhardt2, N. Hartmann3, A. Hertig4, C. Berthier5, N. Ouali4, E. Rondeau4, and H.P. Marti4,5.

  35. Transplant glomerulopathy and thrombotic microangiopathy:  a pattern of endothelial response. - Fernando M. Tettamanzy, Eduardo Vazquez-Martul, Juan Manuel M. Reboredo, Constantino F. Rivera*, Francisco V. Cañedo*. Department of Pathology, Hospital Juan Canalejo, La Coruña, Spain;* Department of Nephrology, Hospital Juan Canalejo, La Coruña, Spain.

  36. Tubulo-Interstitial damage at 3 months after transplantation and (SUB) clinical rejection. - M. Naesens1, E. Lerut2, B. Van Damme2, Y. Vanrenterghem1, D. Kuypers1

  37. Tubulointerstitial Fibrosis and Tubular Atrophy in Protocol Biopsies from Renal Transplant Recipients with and without MMF Treatment - W. Gwinner, M. Mengel, I. Franz, H. Haller, A. Schwarz

  38. Using transcriptomics for the classification of allograft rejection in serial renal protocol biopsies. - A. Scherer *, P. Grass *, J. Kehren *, S.-D. Chibout *, F. Raulf #, G. Engel ¶, A. Korn §, N. Hartmann *, F. Staedtler *, T. Kirsch ¥, W. Gwinner ¥, M. Mengel &, A. Schwarz ¥, H. Haller ¥

  39. Utility of follow-up biopsies for monitoring the treatment of acute rejection in pediatric renal allograft patients - P.E. Birk1, I.W. Gibson2, J.G. Gartner2, 3, M.R. Ogborn1, K.L. Pederson1, T.D. Blydt-Hansen1


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