The Conference

The conference will focus on a range of solid organ allografts, with special focus on schemas for assessment of protocol biopsies, on genomics approaches, on new advances in pancreas and liver allograft pathology, and on antibody-mediated rejection in the heart allograft.  A ground-breaking new component of the program will be a session on rejection diagnosis in tissue composite grafts. Basic sessions on T regulatory cells, mechanisms of rejection, and epithelial-mesenchymal/mesenchymal-epithelial transformation should be exciting and informative. 

The special session on protocol biopsies which should be of broad interest. A highlight of the meeting will be a report on the proceedings of a pre-meeting satellite session on the transcriptosome in transplantation, to be delivered by Dr. Philip Halloran.


The objectives of this conference are:

  • to review classifications for kidney, liver, heart and pancreas allograft pathology
  • to discuss and conceptualize genomic and transcriptome characterization of allografts as diagnostic and prognostic tools and as approaches to investigate pathogenic mechanisms
  • to review and update criteria for C4d positivity as related to antibody mediated rejection in organ allografts
  • to present and discuss new advances in antibody mediated rejection and to foster continued studies of the role of antibody in acute and chronic rejection
  • to discuss the role of B cells in allograft injury and rejection and the role of anti-B cell therapy
  • to compare and contrast different techniques for characterization and quantitation of fibrosing changes in allografts, and their utilization as an early predictor of chronic allograft

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