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1.        The Banff classification revisited
Kidney International 2012.
Kidney Int. 2013 Feb;83(2):201-6. Epub 2012 Dec 12. 
Solez K, and Racusen LC

2.        Banff 2011 Meeting Report: new concepts in antibody-mediated rejection
Am J Transplant. 2012 Mar;12(3):563-70
Mengel M, Sis B, Haas M, Colvin RB, et al


3.        History of the Banff classification of allograft pathology as it approaches its 20th year
Current Opinion in Organ Transplantation 2010. 2010 Feb;15(1):4951.
Solez K

4.        Banff 09 Meeting Report: Antibody Mediated Graft Deterioration and Implementation of Banff Working Groups
2010 Mar;10(3):464-71. Epub 2010 Jan 29.
Sis B,  Mengel M, Haas, M et al

5.        Banff 07 Classification of Renal Allograft Pathology: Updates and Future Directions
Am J Transplant. 2008 Apr;8(4):753-60. Epub 2008 Feb 19.
Solez K,  Colvin RB, Racusen LC et al

6.        The Banff 2007 Working Classification of Skin-Containing Composite Tissue Allograft Pathology
Am J Transplant. 2008 Jul;8(7):1396-400.
Cendales LC, Kanitakis L, Schneeberger S et al

7.        Banff Schema for Grading Pancreas Allograft Rejection: Working Proposal by a Multi-Disciplinary International Consensus Panel
Am J Transplant. 2008 Jun;8(6):1237-49. Epub 2008 Apr 29
Drachenberg CB, Odorico J, Demetris AJ et al

8.        Banff '05 Meeting Report: differential diagnosis of chronic allograft injury and elimination of chronic allograft nephropathy ('CAN')
Am J Transplant. 2007 Mar;7(3):518-26.
Solez K, Colvin RB, Racusen LC et al

9.        Banff 2003 meeting report: new diagnostic insights and standards
Am J Transplant. 2004 Oct;4(10):1562-6.
Racusen LC, Halloran PF, Solez K

10.     Antibody-mediated rejection criteria - an addition to the Banff 97 classification of renal allograft rejection
Am J Transplant. 2003 Jun;3(6):708-14.
Racusen LC, Colvin RB, Solez K et al

11.     The Banff 97 working classification of renal allograft pathology
Kidney Int. 1999 Feb;55(2):713-23.
Racusen LC, Solez K, Colvin RB et al

12.     Report of the Third Banff Conference on Allograft Pathology (July 20-24, 1995) on classification and lesion scoring in renal allograft pathology
Transplant Proc. 1996 Feb;28(1):441-4.
Solez K, Benediktsson H, Cavallo T et al

13.     International standardization of criteria for the histologic diagnosis of renal allograft rejection: the Banff working classification of kidney transplant pathology
Kidney Int. 1993 Aug;44(2):411-22.
Solez K, Axelsen RA, Benediktsson H et al

14.     Antibody-mediated rejection with a striking interstitial monocyte/macrophage infiltration in a renal allograft under FTY720 treatment
Am J Kidney Dis. 2008 Jan;51(1):127-30.
Sis B, Grynoch R, Murray AG et al




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