Series Editor
Robert W. Schrier
  Professor and Chairman
  Department of Medicine
  University of Colorado School of Medicine
  Denver, Colorado

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The Schrier Atlas of Diseases of the Kidney

Volume III

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Fig. 2-6.jpg (190707 bytes)

Fig 2-6

Micograft of an onion skin lesion of patient with malignant hypertension


Fig. 2-20A.jpg (243412 bytes)

Fig 2-20A

Photomicrograph of malignant phase hypertension

Fig. 2-34.jpg (208611 bytes)

Fig 3-34

"Purple Toe" syndrome


Fig. 4-13.jpg (206152 bytes)

Fig 4-13

A section of a typical adrenal adenoma in primary aldosternonism pathology


Fig. 4-18B.jpg (181267 bytes)

Fig 4-18B

Violescent abdominal striae in patient with Cushing's syndrome


Fig. 4-27A.jpg (153287 bytes)

Fig 4-27A

Neurofibroma associated with pheochromocytoma


Fig. 4-36A.jpg (201028 bytes)

Fig 4-36A

Pathologic appearance of pheochromocytoma before sectioning


Fig. 4-36B.jpg (227236 bytes)

Fig 4-36B

Pathologic appearance of pheochromocytoma after sectioning


Fig. 6-12A.jpg (146542 bytes)

Fig 6-12A

Staining for angiotensinogen messenger RNA (mRNA)

Fig. 6-12B.jpg (153011 bytes)

Fig 6-12B

TGF-beta mRNA


Fig. 6-12C.jpg (152955 bytes)

Fig 6-12C

Staining for antiotensinogenis examined in kidneys from rats


Fig. 6-12D.jpg (136017 bytes)

Fig 6-12D

Staining for TGF-beta examined in kidneys from rats


Fig. 8-8.jpg (152120 bytes)

Fig 8-8

Fundas photography of retinal arteriosclerosis in benign hypertension


Fig. 8-9.jpg (174057 bytes)

Fig 8-9

Fundas photography of  arteriosclerotic retinopathy in benign hypertension


Fig. 8-10.jpg (179059 bytes)

Fig 8-10

Fundas photography of striate hemmorrhages in hypertensive neuroretinopathy


Fig. 8-11.jpg (152839 bytes)

Fig 8-11

Fundas photography of cotton-wool spots in hypertensive neuroretinopathy


Fig. 8-12.jpg (195123 bytes)

Fig 8-12

Fundas photography of papilledema in hypertensive neuroretinopathy


Fig. 8-13.jpg (175258 bytes)

Fig 8-13

Fundas photography of far advanced hypertensive neuroretinopathy


Fig. 8-15.jpg (244520 bytes)

Fig 8-15

Micrograph of fibrinoid necrosis in malignant hypertension


Fig. 8-16.jpg (184610 bytes)

Fig 8-16

Micrograph of proliferative endarteritis in malignant hypertension


Fig. 8-18.jpg (191722 bytes)

Fig 8-18

Micrograph of hyaline arteriolar nephroscloerosis in benign hypertension