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Welcome to the Nephkids Website!

Nephkids is a listserv, an interactive email group of parents of children with chronic kidney disease of all varieties. The message that is in the WHO WE ARE link on the left, tells you about the workings of the email group. You are welcome to join this amazing group of people. The message is the introductory message that tells about the mechanics of the group, with directions to help you subscribe and participate. Simplified directions to subscribe are at the bottom of this page.

Should you have any questions or need help joining the group, send an email message to:

To join this list or get general information about the mailing list go to:

This site was created by Stacy Jedynak, a generous "neph-parent" and web designer.

The majority of the content of this website has been written by Dr. Susan Conley.

This website is now managed and edited by Erin Shirley, another "neph-parent".