NEPHKIDS Etiquette rules:

Hello and welcome to the Nephkids group!

 This is a note with some basic guidelines and etiquette for
 posting to the group. If we all try to follow these, it makes
 it much easier for our wonderful medical professionals and
 all of us too.

1. When replying to a message please include only the part of the original
message that you are referring to, but please do include that so that people
can put your reply in context. This helps everyone follow the flow of information better and decreases the amount of mail going through the server. This also makes the messages easier to decipher for those members who receive the digest version.

2. Use accurate subject lines. If the subject has changed from the original
subject then change the subject line. This one is very important for our
medical professionals so they know when a question is being asked or the subject is something for them to comment on. If you are commenting on someone else's question, PLEASE change the subject line otherwise the members might think it is a new question.

3. If you are posting a question to the doctors please include in the
subject line that it is a question for the doctors in some manner. If you are replying to a question posed to the doctors, please change the subject
line so the doctors don't think it is another question for them.

4. Do not type message in all capital letters, as this denotes anger and is
akin to shouting.

5. Refer to the Nephkids welcome message at the end of this message for
information on subscribing and unsubscribing to the group, and obtaining
archives or other information.  If you lose this information, do not send an
email to the group address asking for help, send a private email to one of
the group volunteers.

6. Nephkids has a web site at the link below with lots of great information.
It is always growing and under construction so expect some typos.

7. Remember this is a group for subscribers.  If you are at a different
address then the one subscribed, you cannot send mail to the group without first subscribing using that address.  Messages from an unsubscribed address will bounce to the list owners/volunteers.

8.  The group is very active, which is great, but at times the volume of
posts becomes overwhelming.  Think before sending to the whole group-is this a good post for the group, or is it aimed at one person only?  Is the
content worth sending to the whole group? If it benefits only one member,
send it privately.

9.  On the other hand, be careful about sending private messages to any of
the professionals on the group. Your question may be one that others may
relate to and might benefit from the answer. Always remember that our
professional members cannot treat your child on-line.

10. If you are subscribed to another group and sending the same message to that group, please send a separate message to Nephkids. Sending the message to two different groups can sometimes cause mail problems for the list owners/volunteers.

11. Do not forward or in any way use any member's posts without the author's direct permission, and do not discuss specific health issues or other private information of individual group members or their children with
people who are not on the list.

12. Please write in complete sentences.  Abbreviations and slang may be
difficult for some of us to understand.


(This has been borrowed from another ualberta list group, thanks to Dr. Fadem. Please substitute Nephkids whereever KidneyDisease is used)

1. If you are replying to a message and you need to quote from the message to which you are replying, quote only enough for clarification. Some of the people who use the list pay for downloading time, which can get expensive. I do realize that not all people can edit, but if those who can do so, this might save some people out of pocket expenses. Also, since the message responded to already exists in the archives, we can save lots of archival space for additional information.

2. If you need to quote a message bit by bit in order to reply to different comments, do so but do attempt to edit out what is not needed.

3. If you have a short one or two line response that is clearly meant to go directly to the member you are posting to, please post your response to the member and not to the list. Some people are too ill to be at a computer for long periods of time and others have jobs or children and cannot spend two to four hours daily reading or deleting messages.

4. If you have problems, with KIDNEYDISEASE do not become frustrated. Send a description of your problems to the list owners at
Add the address to your address book so you have it available when needed.

5. Attempt to use the subject abbreviations in your heading. Using these abbreviations will enable people to delete your message without reading it should the message not pertain to their needs. A copy of the abbreviations will be available in a separate post.

6. Commercial postings are not allowed and could lead to the removal of your subscription. Commercial postings are advertising - to proclaim the qualities or advantages of a product or business so as to increase sales. Sending web sites that proclaim undocumented and unscientific evidence of cures for the same purpose, advertising, are included in this ban.

7. Requests for research subjects MUST go through the listowners for posting approval, and if research projects are not submitted for approval prior to posting, the listowners will post a public comment and your subscription may be removed from the list.

8. Rude or inappropriate messages cannot be permitted and could lead to the removal of your subscription. If you do have a conflict with anyone, please try to settle it by private email, and it might be best if you wait a few days before answering if you are upset or angry. Remember that all messages are read by people, not computers.

9. To maintain privacy and safety, please do not post private addresses or phone numbers to the list and do not post the phone numbers of physicians. Posting the phone numbers and addresses of institutions is fine.

10. Remember that the list is international and multicultural and that anything beyond general prayers, angels, and meditations is out of place. For those of you who need comfort beyond what this list has to offer, inform the listowners and we will attempt to guide you to an additional list that might give you solace.

11. Do not turn on the autoreply commands in your e-mail software. Example "I am out of the office this week and will return Monday." This will send an unncessary e-mail to every member of the list everytime a post is made.

12. Remember the copyright laws. Sending links to articles or journals is great and is encouraged, but sending the entire article is wrong. These laws are important for many reasons, primarily to protect intellectual property, but also when the entire article or study is sent via email, it is easy to alter the text.

13. The above law applies to letters posted on this list and other lists. Before passing a message to or from this list, please ask the person who wrote the message for permission to forward the post. This is proper netiquette.



One additional note, it would be wise to delete mysterious files without reading them. Although most warnings about viruses and worms are hoaxes, some mailing lists have received unwanted attachments that can be destructive or pesty.

To be cautious, do not open files that have an EXE, BAT, COM, REG, DLL, or VXD suffix. We strongly encourage you not to send attachments to your e-mail


Since many people on this list are carrying the great burden of a major illness, it is very important that we keep these rules. Thank you very much for understanding.

Dr. Fadem


Stephen Z. Fadem, M.D., FACP
Medical Director - Houston Kidney Center
Integrated Service Network